Managed File Transfer
Managed File Transfer -- Who Needs It?

Generally, this process is suited to companies that regularly share files across a number of users. They also often have one or more of the following characteristics:

- Large repository of digital assets
- Produce high volumes of graphics or video files
- Multiple locations
- Distributed workgroups accessing the system
- High volume of international transfers
- Have a business need to send files quickly

Best-in-Class Managed File Transfer What are some of the characteristics you should be considering in the purchase of a managed file transfer system? Some of the key capabilities provided by best-in-class Managed File Transfer solutions are shown below.
This whitepaper will help you decide which requirements will matter most in your environment.

- Reliable, fast delivery
- Supports files of virtually any size
- Easy-to-use interfaces requiring little or no training
- Offers complete logging and tracking to allow users to track mission-critical file transfers
- Workflow capabilities for automating key business processes

Free White Paper: The Top 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a File Transfer Solution.

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